The main benefit of a toilet seat Bidet-toilet is the combination between the average function of a toilet and the efficiency of a bidet. This ensures hygiene and space saving by replacing  the toilet seat in one single item. It allows shifting your position from front to back for perfect personal hygiene due to its natural guided flush which is suitable for  both male and female physiology. Handy and easy to use by lifting the mixer lever where you can adjust both the water jet and the temperature. The mixer ceramic  cartridge  guarantees a perfect adjustable direction of the tap, which avoids leeks and ensures a long lasting use. You can  direct the flow by simply moving the mixer dispenser lever. The absence of electrical components ensure long lasting functionig and ease in installation of any kind of toilet. . Safe and confortable  to use also for kids and elders.


All the toilet seats bidet-toilet are made of thermosetting material produced through a unique processing that blocks the growth of micro-organisms  as fungi and bacteria, preserving its original features and durability, they are non  flammable and anti-odor. They are also resistant to dumpness, acids, greasy and oily solutions and common solvents as alcohol,acetone and surfactants.  The smothness of this ANTIBACTERIAL  material helps combat germs thus allowing a complete SANIFICATION against virus and bacteria. Therefore they  are recommended  in hospitals, communities, hotels and restaurants.

High Quality made in ITALY

All the Toilet seats  bidet-toilet are made in ITALY created with high quality materials for a a really PROFESSIONAL product.

Great Saving

Setting up a toilet seat bidet-toilet , you will get much more free space in the bathroom, avoiding a classic bidet installation . Bidet-toilet is perfect for bathrooms with limited space. Using a bidet improves your personal hygiene and  is  an eco-friendly choice too . Just consider  that in the United States every year more than 15 million  trees are needed to produce toilet paper. According to a research carried out by the "Scientific American" magazine  to produce only one toilet paper roll  37 litres of water are needed together with chlorine for the bleaching, energy to produce it, plastic for the packaging and petrol for the transport. Using a bidet means to  drastically reduce the use of toilet paper and protect the environment.

Just Replacing the toilet seat we have gained a new space to place the washing machine while maintaining a comfortable bidet .
Just Replacing the toilet seat we have gained a new space to place the washing machine while maintaining a comfortable bidet .

toilet seat bidet-toilet

Easy to Use

Using the toilet seat bidet-toilet is very easy. Lift the mixer lever, adjust the temperature and the water jet. The natural fall of water offers a sensitive and an accurate hygiene due to the possibility of guiding the water jet by moving the water dispenser to reach every and each part of your genitals including washing your feet. 

The water jet of the toilet seat bidet-toilet facilitates the use of soap as it allows your hands easy movements in the lathering and rinsing procedures.

The toilet seat bidet-toilet combines the use of one single item for two different purposes guaranteeing hygiene and speed. This is especially handy for both children and people with disabilities

The toilet seat bidet-toilet is easy to use with only one hand and has no electrical controls.

Easy do-it-yourself installation

The toilet seat  bidet-toilet is easy to instal on your own just by following the Instructions or watching the video tutorial that leads you through all the stages .