Instructions mod. OPTIMO

Installation Instructions toilet seat bidet-toilet model OPTIMO

Package contents:

  • Toilet Seat bidet-toilet mod. OPTIMO, n° 1 piece
  • Gaskets for fixing holes n° 2 pieces
  • Hole-caps, n° 2 pieces
  • Screws, n° 2 pieces
  • Centering rings, n° 2 pieces
  • Nuts, n° 2 pieces
  • Tool key to unscrew the anti-splash tap nozzle, n° 1 piece

Installation Instructions:

1. Remove the old toilet seat by using the tool key bidet toilet to unscrew  the fixing nuts placed laterally . It is very easy!

2. Place the new toilet seat Bidet-toilet Optimo

3. Remove the lid of  bidet-toilet to set up the toilet seat more easily in order to facilitate fixing and centering.

4. Insert the gaskets for the fixing holes at the base of the toilet seat bidet-toilet.

5. Connect the water pipes to the corresponding hot/ cold hydraulic connections.

6. Center the toilet tablet fixing holes onto the WC .

7. - Insert the screw into the hole caps slot and.......

8. .....- Insert it inside the holes of the tooilet seat bidet-toilet.

9. Insert the centring ring in the screw, screw the nut and tighten it until the nut is firmly tight ( with the bidet-toilet key is very easy)

10. Make sure that the toilet seat is properly fixed
otherwise loosen the nuts to correct the position.  

11. Connect the hoses to the water supply.

Now check that everything is working properly:

1. Make sure that the connection with hot and cold water has been properly set by adjusting the water temperature.

2. Direct the water nozzle according to your need.

3. Activate the water mixer lever to adjust the water jet power.

Well done ! Now we can place the lid of the toilet- seat back to its original position

Extra features :

  • You can disassemble the anti splash tap nozzle water mixer in order to clean it or replace it.
  • You can also disassemble the seat and the lid to clean it more easily .