Instructions mod. PREMIUM

Installation Instructions toilet seat bidet-toilet model  PREMIUM

Package Contents:

  • Toilet seat bidet-toilet mod. PREMIUM, n° 1 piece
  • Additional Gaskets for mixer base -different thicknesses n° 4 pieces
  • Gaskets for fixing hinges , n° 2 pieces
  • Threaded rods, n° 2 pieces
  • Centering rings, n° 2 pieces
  • Nuts, n° 2 pieces

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Installation Instructions:

1.Remove the old toilet seat - with the bidet toilet key it is very easy.

2. Place the new toilet-seat, Bidet-toilet Premium.

3. Check that the fixing gaskets of the seat are perfectly centering the bowl holes.

4. In case they don't match, slip the toilet seat 

5.  Loosen the screws of the hinges in order to hit the center of the holes of the WC

6. Choose one of the two holes to fix the Threaded rods and tighten them firmly.

7. Insert the threaded rods in the bowl holes

8. Now that you have found the correct position for the gaskets hinges, tighten the screws to fix them in the right position.

9. Connect the water pipes respectively in the hot/ cold hydraulic connections.

10. Insert back the Threaded rods into the holes

11. Place the gaskets on the fixing hinges of the seat

12. Remove the protective scotch tape from the gasket at the base of the mixer.

13. Insert the centring ring in the Threaded rods and screw the nut in until this is finger-tight (use the bidet-toilet key it is very easy)

14. Check that the toilet seat is properly fixed otherwise loosen the nuts to correct the position.

15. Connect the hoses to the water supply

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Now check that everything is working properly:

1. Check if the connection with hot and cold water is right 

2. Lift the mixer lever upwards right(cold Water) and left(hot water) and adjust the water temperature 

3. Direct the water nozzle according to your need.

4. Activate the mixer lever to adjust the water- jet power

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Extra features:

  • You can disassemble the anti-splash tap noozzle in order to clean it or replace it.